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Did you know that animal testing is still legal in Australia!?

We usually like to get a bit silly with our Sunday morning blog posts but today we’ve got some pretty heavy business to talk about. And it concerns puppies.

So let’s put on our ‘serious caps’.

On Thursday, Australia nearly went into puppy meltdown with Uber’s latest marketing stunt – because Uber (a private taxi service) were delivering puppies to workplaces. Uber were busting stress and also getting everyone talking about them on social media and the TV networks.

It was a roaring success because most Australians love animals. We are actually one of the most animal loving places on earth. More Aussies live in a house with a cat or dog than with a child, and we also spend $8 billion a year on pets.

So it begs the question – why is animal testing for cosmetics still legal?

Yes, it’s true. For some reason most people think that cosmetic animal testing is banned in Australia but the bad news is that it isn’t.

Even though no cosmetics (or their ingredients) are tested on animals in Australia, it’s still completely legal. In some cases animal testing data is required by Australia’s Industrial Chemical Regulations before an ingredient is approved for use.

Change is afoot (hooray CCF!)

We heard some very promising news new week that might mean we’ll soon see cosmetic animal testing banned in Australia.

After years of campaigning by Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) and other animal rights organisations, the Australian government is close to not only banning cosmetic animal testing but also banning the importation and sale of any cosmetic or cosmetic ingredient that has been tested on animals.

Shake it up

This is major news that has huuuuuuuuge implications for some very big companies and would be a big shakeup to Australia’s supermarket shelves (and industrial chemical regulations).

Brands like Dove, Jurlique, Aveeno, Estee Lauder, Revlon, MAC, and Clinque will all need to have cruelty free products or they won’t be allowed to be sold.

(For a list of other brands that test on animals click here. Prepare yourself – you might get some unpleasant surprises.)

Now it’s up to the politicians

Right now, a team of pollies from the Labor party are working on the bill (i.e. the proposed legislation) so that it can pass through parliament and become law.

The Labor party’s Clare O’Neill (Hotham MP), Deputy Leader Tanya Plibersek and Stephen Jones (Throsby MP) are working together on this.

Even though it’s the Labor party at the reins on this one, in the past Australia has seen support for banning animal testing from Labor, Liberal, The Greens, The Nationals, Palmer United and independent MP’s.

So we’ve got fingers and toes crossed that support remains so the bill can pass without opposition!

We’re (incredibly) proud to be accredited as a cruelty free business, so this means a LOT to us. We’ll be watching this very closely and will keep you updated. Stay tuned x

P.S. In the spirit of not testing on animals, we’ve selected our human hamsters (randomly!) for our next 2 products. Find out if it’s you here

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