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Finding your perfect foundation

Trying to pick the right foundation is sometimes harder than picking next week’s lotto numbers. All the different types and shades can leave you feeling dazed and confused and in need of an afternoon nap (or maybe that’s just me!).

Today we’re going to explain a little about some of the different types of foundations and decode some of the jargon to help you make the perfect choice when it comes to your makeup.

So… welcome to foundation school

Which foundation type is for you?

The best foundation type for your skin will depend on a few things – your skin type, the level of coverage you need, and the finish you want.

Liquid Foundation – Is either water based or oil based. Water based is suited for all skin types (not so much dry skin though), while oil based is best suited to those of us with dry skin. They provide a light to medium coverage and can have a dewy, matte or satin finish. Our favourite is Adorn’s Liquid (Oil Free) Foundation

Loose Mineral Foundation – Is suitable for everyone unless you have really oily skin. It is the best option for sensitive skin or if you have rosacea. Coverage can range from sheer to medium with a matte finish. It provides a great natural look. Our favourite is the Adorn Loose Mineral Foundation.

Cream Foundation – Is more hydrating than liquid foundation so it is best suited to normal, dry and sometimes combination skin. It usually has medium coverage with a dewy finish. Our favourite is Adorn’s Hydrating Cream Foundation.

Tinted Moisturiser – Suitable for all skin types, depending on the moisturiser formula. It is the best choice if you want a “no makeup” look but still want a little extra glow. Coverage is sheer to light.

BB cream – is in between a tinted moisturiser and foundation providing a light to medium coverage. They aim to be an all in one moisturiser, foundation, sunscreen so you can get out the door quicker. You might find that shade choice is limited compared to foundations.

natural foundations

What type of coverage do you need?

When we’re talking about coverage, we’re referring to the opacity of the makeup, or how much it will conceal on your skin.

Sheer – The lightest coverage available for that ‘no makeup’ look. It will even out skin tone but won’t do much to cover blemishes and freckles.

Light coverage – A little more pigment is added to take it up a step up from sheer to add a little more coverage.

Medium Coverage – You guessed it, more pigment taking it up another step from light. Medium coverage will even out skin tone and cover most things.

Full Coverage – Has the most pigment and covers up everything.

Buildable coverage – Some foundations allow you to apply a few layers without looking caked on.

What kind of finish do you want to achieve?

Just to complicate things a little more, different foundations can give you a range of finishes that can totally change up the way your makeup looks.

Matte Finish – These foundations have ingredients that soak up oil to eliminate shine. Perfect for combination and oily skin.

Satin Finish– This is neither matte nor dewy. It’s silky and velvety. It is best described as a natural finish with a soft sheen and perfect for everyone.

Dewy finish – Adds a natural shine for a radiant and glowing look. Perfect for normal and dry skin.

Lightweight – This is different to light coverage. Lightweight is how the foundation feels on your skin where light coverage is how it looks.

There are so many other terms and types surrounding foundation but we thought it best to stick to the basics today. We hope you’re feeling much more knowledgeable now

Try our natural makeup samples

But if you’re still a little confused (we don’t blame you), then why not try out some of the different foundation types yourself? We have Adorn natural makeup samples available so you can experiment to find your favourite. You’ll probably want to grab a sample of the Adorn Primer too to keep your makeup in place longer.

We know there are a few makeup artists who read this and we welcome you to share your expert insights into the world of foundations since we have only just scratched the surface here!

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