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How to get lasting natural makeup (we have found the best primer around)

A couple of weeks back some of you were kind enough to do our natural makeup survey (thank you!). So many of you told us that you wanted to use natural, non- toxic makeup but you weren’t because you were worried that natural makeup wouldn’t last the distance (like its synthetic cousin).

Is that a genuine concern? You betcha!

So there’s no need to beat yourself up if your makeup kit hasn’t crossed over into the realm of natural wonders. No one wants to have their makeup wearing thin before you even make it to lunch.

The exciting thing is that there is a solution and it can be the difference between ending the day looking like Audrey Hepburn at the Oscars or Miley Cyrus after a big night on Sunset Boulevard.

The Answer is Primer

Cosmetic icon Napoleon Perdis is famous for saying “not to prime is a crime”.

No need to fret if you don’t know what a primer is because we are about to jump right into giving you the inside scoop.

best primer natural makeup

Velcro for your face – Primers help to keep makeup in place for longer

Primer prepares the surface of your skin by creating a layer that your makeup will stick to better. Just like when you apply undercoat when painting a wall. Primer is undercoat for your “war paint” so it doesn’t go sliding off when things get a little tense.

A good primer isn’t just a one trick pony though. It achieves a better, more flawless finish and you may even find that you need less makeup, giving more of that natural look. An extra bonus is that a good primer will also prevent your makeup from filling in your pores helping to prevent clogged pores and those dreaded pimples.

Primers add more hydration and plump the skin diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Even though primers can have moisturising benefits it isn’t their main job so using a moisturiser is still a good idea. Primers and moisturisers get along like Sandra Dee and Frenchy. They get together to make you rock any look. Primers lock in the moisturiser and can give that extra little bit of oom-pah-pah to plump the skin and make lines and wrinkle less noticeable, giving you the perfect finish.

What is the best primer?

Natural makeup sample pack - Adorn CosmeticsIn case you haven’t worked it out yet, we’re massive fans of Adorn Cosmetics and the Adorn Hydration+ Plumping Skin Primer is at the top of our list. Clinically proven, Adorn’s new & improved, natural, all-in-one Hydration+ Plumping Primer and Moisturiser outperforms other traditional skin primers for performance, hydration and its skin plumping effects by a massive 58.5%!!

Are you interested in trying out what we truly believe to be the best primer in Australia?

Many savvy ladies have already secured themselves an Adorn natural makeup sample pack and will be experiencing the difference primer can make very soon. If you would like to see what the fuss is all about yourself check out our Adorn natural makeup sample pack here.

Image source: http://www.letsshop.com/articles/article.cfm?ID=569

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