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Lipstick Exposé! Are you risking your health for lovable lips?

With the cold weather sinking its teeth right in one of the first things to start cracking up are our precious lips. This may be the reason why some of us can apply lipstick or lip balm up to 24 times a day.

Lipstick has had its fair share of bad press. Only recently it was getting hammered because many popular brands were found to contain traces of lead and there were crazy statistics flying around that a woman can eat up to 3kg of lipstick every year.

We’re not sure if that is entirely true but you do eat some and if it contains lead then it can build up in your body over time.

But it doesn’t stop there for the poor old lippy. There are a few other things we would like to share about lipstick because we think they are important. You can stop sweating bullets because it’s not all bad news – not all lipsticks are toxic.

Hormone disrupting ingredients

Many leading brands use parabens to preserve their lipsticks. Parabens are now well known and there are some differing opinions. But one thing that has been proven is that parabens do have the ability to mimic estrogen which upsets the hormone system. So we think it’s an ingredient best avoided, especially for lip products.

cochineal beetleCrushed Beetle Red

Your must-have “Hollywood red” colour may actually be produced by crushed up beetles (gross, right?!). The red pigment call carmine or cochineal is made by crushing up female cochineal beetles. Reportedly it takes 70,000 beetles to make 450g of red dye.

rex huntFish Scale Shimmer

The pearlescent substance found in fish scales can actually be used in lipsticks to give them that shimmer effect. (So watch out if Rex Hunt is around, he may not be able to help himself and plant a big one on you)!

No Lippy for Mums-to-be

Lipsticks can also use Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A). Isn’t Vitamin A a good thing? It is, unless you are pregnant. Too much Vitamin A can lead to complications with the pregnancy and other reproductive concerns.

Luckily there are good lipsticks out there

A good lipstick should keep your lips looking fab, stop chapping and not affect your health. It sounds simple enough.

Luckily for us there is a movement away from toxic make up with people like Briony from Adorn Cosmetics leading the way.

natural makeup adorn cosmetics lipstickAdorn’s 100% natural mineral and organic lipsticks walk the walk. They use organic castor oil, shea butter and jojoba oil to make them hydrating as well as long lasting. The perfect companion on a blustery winters day. When all else is gloomy, why not make your lips pop?

We have now got Adorn lipsticks available in the shop but only a few of each shade – they’re notoriously difficult to get a hold of right now because they just keep selling out! We have secured as many lipsticks as we could for you, and there will be more on the way this week.

As always we will be getting more as soon as Adorn has them ready (which could be a few weeks away). We are taking pre-orders once we run out so you won’t miss out… it will just be a small wait till your non-toxic lipstick arrives on your doorstep.

So if you need some lippy I would get it sooner rather than later from here.

Did you know we have lipstick samples too?

We do If you’re not sure which shade will suit you best, grab some lipstick samples here.

As always we hope this information has been helpful.

Have a cosy Sunday
Phoebe and Aaron

Image source: rexhunt.com.au, welshwildlife.com

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