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Conditioner showdown - which one will you choose? Preview our 2 formulas!

Conditioner showdown - which one will you choose? Preview our 2 formulas!

After releasing preview samples of ourHappy You Shampooformula (full sized shampoos are due to launch in September!!), we received lots of lovely little notes in our inbox telling us how fabulous it was, but it would be even better if it had a conditioner to sit next to it.

So getting our conditioner ready for you has been at the very top of our “To Do” list, and we think we’ve just about nailed the perfect formula. In fact, we think we could’ve nailed the perfect formula TWICE.

Just like ourshampoo, our conditioner formulas are both all natural, 100% biodegradable, and marine safe. Our #1 goal in creating these absolutely beautiful products has been to give you the hair you want and the planet you want, without compromise, so that you can feel 100% amazing every time you do something as simple as washing your hair.

To make this happen Aaron donned his lab coat on many an afternoon and headed into the lab to whip up another batch of conditioner to meet the exacting standards of our test team here at Happy HQ (we’re so lucky to have all sorts of hair types to test with here!). He’s quite clearly a very clever cosmetic chemist because what we didn’t expect was that he’d actually create two conditioner formulas that we’d fall in love with.

That’s why we have created a sample pack with 2 conditioners - we need your help choosing which one we should launch!

Now it’s not just a smell or botanical extract that makes the conditioners different. They’re actually based on two different approaches to conditioning your hair. One is quite similar to a conventional conditioner in how it works, and the other is something special and unique that we’ve developed in-house.

We won’t go into too much scientific detail because we really want you to decide which one you love based on how your hair feels, not the science behind it.

So…. are you ready for the great CONDITIONER SHOWDOWN OF 2020?

In the blue corner we have Conditioner Blue. He’s going to do his best to make your hair shine like it’s never shone before.

In the red corner we have Conditioner Red. Soft. Sleek. Totally frizz-free.

Who will win?! Only our Happy family can tell us (that’s you, we hope!).

It’s incredibly easy to get involved. All you've got to do is order our Happy You Hair Sample Pack.

A few weeks after you’ve received your order we’re going to send you an email asking for your all important feedback on our shampoo and both conditioners.

Once everyone has responded we’ll tally up the results and lock in either Red or Blue as the winner of the showdown and it will become the very first Happy You Conditioner, due to launch in September. Exciting stuff!!

Thank you so much in advance for being a part of creating a unique and first of its kind haircare range that’s not just good for your hair - it’s amazing for the planet too. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

Important:When you get your order you’ll notice that one has a blue dot on the cap, and the other one will have a red dot. Please don’t get your caps mixed up because this is the only way to tell the difference between the two formulas ;)