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The end of Happy Skincare (as you know it!)

The end of Happy Skincare (as you know it!)

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means? To us it's a time for change. And new beginnings.

Happy Skincare was our first baby. Our first creation. It was what we devoted ourselves to before (and after!) our 2 amazing boys transformed our lives. So much love has gone into Happy Skincare over the last (almost) 11 years, which makes this announcement a very emotional one. 

But please don't panic - we're not going anywhere! However, Happy Skincare as you know it isn't going to be around anymore....

Because after a LOT of ummmm-ing and aaaaaah-ing we've decided to..... rename Happy Skincare! 

Actually, it's a little more than a name change.  We're going to be merging our Happy Skincare and Woohoo Body brands together, to create one, gloriously joyous Woohoo brand with new packaging and a whole lot more wonderfulness. 

This is no small undertaking, so please be patient with us while we dot all our i's and cross our t's! We hope to re-launch all of our products under the Woohoo label in February or March, but life has been unpredictable of late so please don't hold us to those timeframes ;)

In fact, we've already started by merging our websites together. You'll find all of your Happy Skincare favourites alongside our award-winning all natural deodorants at www.woohoobody.com.au.

If you're curious about why we're doing all this, watch Phoebe's video to find out all the details!