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Woohoo Body products are made using the highest quality clean, natural, vegan ingredients (with a good dollop of organic goodness in there too). Each of our ingredients has been selected because of its unique properties that make it an important part of our skin problem-solving formulas, Whether it's busting body odour, clearing breakouts, or making your hair oh-so-smooth & shiny. Use this Ingredients Dictionary to learn about the ingredients in our unique Australian formulations, or click here to learn more about our ingredients philosophy.

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A very mild clay that can be used on dry or sensitive skin. It draws out impurities, detoxifying and helping decongest blocked pores. Minerals are released, helping heal and repair skin. It helps stimulate blood circulation, tonifies and gently exfoliates.




Frequently Asked Questions

We're a small Aussie business based in Newcastle NSW and we make all of our products here. 

In the cosmetics world it's almost impossible to use 100% Australian ingredients as we don't have many ingredient manufacturers here in Australia. 

That said, we do use Australian sourced ingredients and packaging at every opportunity!

Good news! We can confirm that bicarb does NOT contain aluminium.

It's actually a bit of a rumour (or clever marketing!).

Here's a great blog article if you'd like to learn more 👍

No way, Jose! Our zinc is non-nano.

This means that the particles are bigger (micron size), rather than nano size, so you don't need to be concerned about the potential health risks linked to nanoparticles.

Our creations are high in active ingredients, so the products work hard for you to achieve the best results possible.

For more information on how we choose our ingredients and our Conscious Chemistry approach to formulating Click HERE

YES it is OK to use a bicarb soda deodorant, but only if it has been carefully formulated to have a lower pH like Woohoo. 

We've carefully balanced the pH so it's not too alkaline but it still busts odour with the best of them. 

It is possible your skin may react if you are using too much, have not properly cleaned away previous applications or have other external irritants like clothing rubbing on the area. 

It’s also good to remember your pits occasionally need some moisturising just like the rest of your skin :-) 

If you are extremely sensitive, which does happen for some, we do have Bicarb free Woohoo too!

Alcohols are a bit confusing - there are good alcohols and bad alcohols! What the!?

The types of alcohols to avoid are ethanol type alcohols - they're very drying to your skin, which can lead to all sorts of issues.

We would never put these alcohols in our products. BUT... you might have seen Cetearyl Alcohol in the ingredients list for some of our cream-based products.

This is a different type of alcohol altogether and is actually a naturally derived fatty acid which moisturises and protects your skin rather than stripping and drying it.

Don't be scared off by its name :)

We use sustainably sourced ingredients. e.g. our coconut oil comes from local farms in a small Solomon Islands community & our Shea butter is sourced from a community in Ghana. 

Our ingredients are all listed on the individual pages for each product. Look for the ingredients tab to find the list :-)

Triethyl Citrate is a deodorising active ingredient that is derived from natural sources.

It is used as it is one of the few natural deodorising ingredients available.

It is both approved by natural and organic certifying organisations such as Na true and COSMOS. It has an EWG score of 1